A key challenge for any retail chain is to deploy retail infrastructure trends across multiple stores to improve customer experience.

Studies show that 70% of purchase decisions are largely influenced by the store's ambience i.e. the decor, product display etc., So, retailers started to heavily invest in equipment like high power lighting, HVAC systems, escalators, elevators which lead to heavy electricity consumption.

Retail store ambience vs Revenue loss

The following is a case study about a reputed retail textile outlet covering 10,000sq.ft of its store space. It was also forced to undergo the above mentioned trends. This textile outlet used many electrical appliances which were running for long hours to provide a good experience to its customers.

Though, the investment on electrical appliances for this store was justified as it had a direct impact on the customer footfall. The bitter truth was that they failed to monitor their electrical equipment which leads to revenue loss.

Reasons for revenue loss:

  • Abnormal increase in electricity bills every month
  • Excessive running of equipment beyond business hours
  • Unable to track the equipment unscheduled ON/OFF time
  • Equipment breakdown due to heavy wear and tear

Snapshot of our solution:

Our team with the help of eAlerta – IoT platform along with their operations team rectified the above challenges with the ‘InstaAlerts' feature.

The ‘InstaAlerts’ feature enabled their operations team with following benefits:

  • Reduction in electricity bills
  • Avoided excessive running of equipment beyond business hours
  • Enabled employees to the set process and easily contribute to improving energy efficiency
  • Since the deviations in equipment behavior were captured effectively, the maintenance of the equipment became more predictive than reactive in nature

The retail store could save a substantial amount of money just by monitoring one of their equipment.

The following graph shows a steady reduction in monthly units of consumption by centralized air conditioners in the store after enabling ‘InstaAlerts’.

Retail store ambience vs Revenue loss
Fig 1: 25% of energy saving was achieved within 6 months

As eAlerta enabled the customer to take both operations and energy oriented decisions on time, 25% of energy saving was achieved after 6 months of our installation.


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