Nowadays, across retail segments one third of the operational costs is being spent on the equipment infrastructure for creating a good customer experience.

Constant problems for retail business owners on a daily basis in operations are:

  • Misusing of equipment
  • Process violation
  • Extra cost on energy bills
  • Surprise expenses on equipment breakdown

Though these challenges differ from business to business, the solution for all these challenges starts with Monitoring the equipment effectively.

A leading retail showroom of 5 floors and 20,000 sq.ft office saved approximately rupees 8.75 lakhs in five months from their EB bills. The retail showroom was equipped with good air conditioning systems across the whole infrastructure.

Their key challenge was unexplained variations in their energy consumption and costs. They had a process to monitor their equipment by writing down the following parameters in their log sheets:

  • ON/OFF time
  • Total operating hours
  • Units consumed
  • Maintenance checklist

In spite of they having a process, they were not able to effectively monitor and find patterns in their overall energy consumption. With the support of their internal team and by using our solution eAlerta, they managed to accurately study the energy consumption patterns and take adequate steps to reduce their energy bill costs by rupees 8.75 lakhs in 5 months.

In the retail showroom, 2,70,000 units were consumed during July, which was a non-peak sale period for the retail showroom. But only 2,40,000 units was consumed during November, their peak sale period during Diwali. With real time metrics, being monitored effectively they achieved 10% of energy saving even during their peak sale period.


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