Be aware of a major threat that may affect your business due to the global VUCA phenomenon!!!

VUCA is a combination of qualities like volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that taken together, characterize the nature of some difficult conditions and situations thereby contributing to the modern challenges to businesses today.

Data plays a vital role in overcoming this hidden threat, from which the changes can be predicted to minimize the complexity of the situation and provide clear solutions. Thus data logging must be given utmost importance in your business.

Do you want to use an outdated solution to resolve a modern challenge?

Spend 3 minutes to know how technology tools can be a solution in the process of data logging across your business!

Glimpses from history of data logging

The method to receive, store and recall data has transformed tremendously over the past few centuries. The original and the most powerful data storage device till date is the human memory. This synaptic treasure trove of data provided the best storage for generations.

The revolution began – circa 1779!

Paper became the primary means of data storage. It was the only acceptable means until the 19th century. A bunch of papers were compiled together as log books and notebooks.

The industrial revolution had begun and through which many small industries started budding and people started recording important events in management and operations of a business in the form of log books for documentation purposes.

Did you know?

Logbooks were first introduced in the shipping industry as a part of data logging in the early 17th century to record important events in management, operations, and navigation of a ship. The weather conditions (temperature, the speed of wind, direction of the wind) were recorded in the logbooks at regular intervals. Later this method of using logbooks was adopted by many industries.

Many businesses had a practice of recording the data related to the operation of their machines like ON/OFF time, downtime, temperature, pressure, run time, etc., in a separate logbook to monitor the operational efficiency of the organization. These data entered in logbooks were used to analyze for achieving high productivity.

Is your business tending to be obsolete or is it adopting technology?

Signs of tending to be obsolete:

  1. Archiving is a challenge
  2. Data security is at risk
  3. Difficulty in accessing historical data
  4. No scope for analysis and interpretation
  5. Scope for manual error is high
  6. Loss of productive time

The paradigm shift in data logging

Data logging was no exception to undergo change due to technology trends. The trend changed paper based model into paperless computerized data logging. Some of the currently available tech based data logging tools are EMS, BMS, and MES etc.

The recent developments and proliferation of Internet across the globe, has lead to the emerging technology of IoT (Internet of Things). The impact of IoT is being observed from the changes in the way the business has started operating. The insightful data are monitored and managed remotely and can be availed anytime. These data help business not only in data logging but also helps business to analyse and to derive insights to achieve predictable results.

Benefits of new age technology tools in data logging

  1. Access anything, anytime, anywhere
  2. Automated reporting
  3. Analysis and rectification
  4. Accurate predictive results

The key benefits of maintaining a logbook is to record and maintain various productivity indicators critical to the business. Technology has made the process of data monitoring simple, paving way to make human efforts much more effective across various operational inputs.

4 compelling reasons to adopt to automated data logging are:

  1. Remote monitoring

  2. Reduction in manual effort

  3. Virtual supervisor

  4. Instant and responsive alerts

Challenge of accessing right operational data at the right time is being solved by technology tools. To manage the challenges efficiently posed by the global VUCA phenomenon the advent of new technology must be adopted.

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